Establishment of a company

Establishment of a company is an important step in starting a business. The goal of each successful entrepreneur is to
organize the company and its own personal activities as efficiently as possible. The most well-known management theorists and practitioners point out that in a competitive environment wins those companies and entrepreneurs who, in their activities, make more efficient use of available resources (stocks) by creating greater added value for the company and satisfying the needs of consumers.

Why Apskaita AG?

The aim of Apskaita AG team members is, by working more efficiently, meet their consumers‘ expectations. By sharing the knowledge gained in practice, listening to each applicant, current or prospective entrepreneur, and assessing the projected future trends, possible changes to the legal or tax environment, we offer an individual
solution for a particular case. We advise on choosing a company’s legal form, tax payment and applicable tax incentives, company start-up issues. We are waiting for anyone who wants to get a consultation.

What do we offer?

For those who have already decided to establish a company, we can make this process quick and easy. By saving the most valuable resources of the founders – the time and money, we prepare all the necessary documents for establishing the company. If the company is being established online, we fill out an electronic company establishment. As long as the company is being established, the founders can devote their time to other important business start-ups, including increasing the competitive edge.

How to establish a company faster?

Contact Apskaita AG consultants in a way that is the most convenient for you: by phone, email (by requesting a correspondence program), filling out a contact form on the page, or leaving a message on our Facebook profile. Tell us what you want to do: to set up a business, or to arrange a consultation based on company establishment issues. The consultants will contact you as soon as possible or as soon as they can, and will help you to solve your most important issues.


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