Buying a company is the fastest way to start a business.

It takes just a 1-2 hours.

You will need:

To come at the agreed time to sign the company‘s (PLLC) purchase-sale documents;
We will deliver the signed documents to the NOTARY‘S OFFICE and the CENTER OF REGISTERS by ourselves.

Additional costs:

Public Institution “Registrų centras” (eng. Center of Registers) 15-23 EUR;
Notary 30-70 EUR.

Once you will receive the company documents and a stamp, you will be able to carry out activities immediately, without waiting for the REGISTRY CENTER to re-register the changed data. The REGISTRY CENTER database changes the data recorded within 1-2 working days.

The established company (PLLC), which authorized capital is 2500 EUR, costs only 279 EUR.

If needed, we can establish a company (PLLC) with a bigger authorized capital.

Benefits of buying a company:

Each established company (PLLC) already has a bank account, a formed authorized capital, a stamp, a registration address in Kaunas city, in commercial premises, what gives the new company a solidity. We can provide the registration address in Vilnius city for an indefinite period or with a correspondence service. Upon request, we will re-register the company at your indicated address. All companies that are for sale have never runned any activities before and have no debts or liabilities.

Companies for sale:

UAB „Ajaura``
UAB ``Arsenis``
UAB „Aurenis``
UAB „Dūzgia``
UAB „Klintas``
UAB „Laukresta``
UAB „Lielupė``
UAB „Nitas``
UAB „Printis``
UAB „Rainis``
UAB „Ratvilis``
UAB „Ruokis``
UAB „Sopranas``
UAB „Spaikeris``
UAB „Valdinas``
UAB „Vytmida``
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