Buying a company is the fastest way to start a business.

You will need:

To come at the agreed time to sign the company‘s (PLLC) purchase-sale documents;
We will deliver the signed documents to the NOTARY‘S OFFICE and the CENTER OF REGISTERS by ourselves.

Additional costs:

Public Institution “Registrų centras” (eng. Center of Registers) 15-23 EUR;
Notary 30-70 EUR.

Once you will receive the company documents and a stamp, you will be able to carry out activities immediately, without waiting for the REGISTRY CENTER to re-register the changed data. The REGISTRY CENTER database changes the data recorded within 1-2 working days.

The established company (PLLC), which authorized capital is 2500 EUR, costs only 279 EUR.

If needed, we can establish a company (PLLC) with a bigger authorized capital.

Benefits of buying a company:

Each established company (PLLC) already has a bank account, a formed authorized capital, a stamp, a registration address in Kaunas city, in commercial premises, what gives the new company a solidity. We can provide the registration address in Vilnius city for an indefinite period or with a correspondence service. Upon request, we will re-register the company at your indicated address. All companies that are for sale have never runned any activities before and have no debts or liabilities.

Companies for sale:

UAB „Copa LT“
UAB „Ferden“
UAB „Gareta“
UAB „Korneda“
UAB „Lensis“
UAB „Linovis“
UAB „Loncon“
UAB „Medna“
UAB „Nensis“
UAB „Ormontis“
UAB „Simlon“
UAB „Tenrida“
UAB „Trampas“
UAB „Tuxa“
UAB „Gidena“
UAB „Ruokis“
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